Location, Location

There are lots of places people dream of having their wedding. You might want to have a wedding on a sandy beach on a tropical island. Some would love to have their wedding in an ancient church. Others might even go so far as to have a wedding in a castle.

Junk Food Wedding?

There are a few people though, who have dreams of an altogether more prosaic nature. A growing number of fast food restaurants are offering themselves for wedding venues or receptions. This caters to couples who either want to display their love of the fast food brands – or who simply want to save a lot of money.

One Taco Bell restaurant in Las Vegas hosts weddings for $600. The branch contains its own wedding chapel and private area for receptions. Couples who marry at the Taco Bell receive custom merchandise, and a number of Taco Bell food products. So far, Taco Bell estimate 60 couples per year choose to have their wedding with them.

Comfort is King

While this does not represent an enormous shift in traditional wedding venues, it is part of a larger trend towards more casual weddings. More and more people are starting to prioritise comfort and familiarity over formality. Domino’s pizza now offer wedding registries in the US. Here, people can register for gift cards as wedding presents.

Perhaps, therefore, we should not be so quick to judge a couple’s choice of wedding venue. Weddings can be a very expensive event, especially for couples whose family are unable to help them out. Surely couples who choose to focus not on the luxury of their wedding, but on being happy and content together, ought to be praised?

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