Going to a wedding can be a wonderful experience. You get to witness the marriage of your best friends or family, and share in their happiness. However, there are always some hidden costs to attending a wedding. While weddings are often expensive for the couple, the cost of attending a wedding for guests is often much higher than people realise.


A survey by the financial services provider Provident has found that the average cost of attending a wedding is £1,015. This figure is even higher for guests attending a wedding abroad, at £2,050. The cost takes into account the typical expenses a wedding guest might encounter. These include gifts, clothing, hair and beauty, childcare, transport and food. This amount can vary depending on who you are. If you are a bridesmaid, you will probably pay more (£1,058). Parents of the couples will also probably pay more (up to £1,450).

Stags and Hens

Going to a stag or hen do is an important part of the average British wedding. It is increasingly popular to hold your pre-wedding celebration abroad. This adds to the cost of attending a wedding – and rapidly adds up. The average flight cost to a stag do is £136, and the average cost of accommodation is £125.

Growing Dissatisfaction

How much can guests be expected to spend to attend someone else’s wedding? The spiralling cost of attending a wedding has led to growing unhappiness. A recent survey was conducted on what people least like about weddings. 39% of respondents said that being asked to attend a wedding abroad after also attending a stag do abroad was their least favourite part of going to a wedding.

What Can I Do?

Your wedding day is about you and your partner. Therefore, you should still plan your wedding around your interests and likes. It is important though, to consider your guests. If you know that your guests can all easily afford to attend your wedding, you don’t need to worry about what you plan. However, if you are uncertain how much your guests can afford, plan some aspects of your wedding to be less expensive. One way to do this is consider a stag or hen do in the UK, especially if you are having your wedding ceremony abroad.

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