Everyone’s wedding is different. After all, there are so many variables for how you do your wedding that it would be almost impossible to have the exact same wedding as anyone else. However, there are trends that represent the most common practices. The annual Wedding Report from Bridebook.co.uk studies the ways that people carry out their weddings. If you study its findings, you can draw some conclusions on what a ‘normal wedding’ is.

When & Where?

Where you choose to have your wedding says a lot about you. The most popular time to have a wedding is the summer – with 44% of all ceremonies taking place then. 56% of all weddings are on Saturdays. Many people have their weddings in areas they do not live in. 16 % of couples get married in the South West of England, but only 12% of them live there. Adversely, where 10% of couples live in London, only 3% choose to get married there.

How Much?

This may have something to do with the price of doing things in London. The average spend on a wedding in London is now £31,837, compared to £17,913 nationally. This is down to the high cost of hiring a venue (£4,833 more than average), of providing food and drink (£2,534 more than average) and of hiring a marquee (£12,346 more than average). A normal wedding is difficult to have if you live in London.


Planning a wedding takes a lot of effort. Not everyone gets involved however. While most people reported themselves as being heavily involved (98%), only 81% agreed that their partner was heavily involved. Most couples went to a wedding fair near them (60%), and a similar proportion (63%) largely planned their weddings after work. 40% of couples spent roughly the same amount on their wedding (£10 – 20,000) although as many as 39% went over their original budget.

Making Decisions

Most couples (57%) preferred a physical brochure over a digital one. 71% of people found that the most important reason behind their decision making was the opinion of friends and family. 59 % thought that reviews were important in their decision making. However, 23% read no reviews before making a decision. A normal wedding usually means considering several options, but not dozens.


It may be a surprise to read that most couples choose their wedding venue after seeing only one place. Only 15% of people see five or more venues. The most popular type of venue was a country house, and the least was a yacht. Only 1% of people got married in a warehouse or factory, but those who did were much more likely to get married in winter than in any other venue.

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