People like matching up with each other. Trends exist throughout all kinds of events and celebrations. Weddings often share aspects of their decoration, food and entertainment with each other. While it is hard to tell where wedding trends come from, you are still likely to see many of the same ideas appearing across weddings in the next year.

Taking it Easy

Wedding dresses can be rather impractical things. Generations of brides have complained of the difficulty they have experienced in getting about while wearing their dress – let alone going to the bathroom! Modern wedding dresses are moving towards being more comfortable and practical. This means sometimes including pockets and less bouffant designs. One of the most likely 2019 wedding trends will be for brides to feel comfortable, as well as beautiful.

Getting Colourful

Wedding clothing tends to stick to a few colours. Generally, these are monochrome, or thereabouts. White or cream for women, and black or dark blue for men have for a long time been the default options. However, colourful options are emerging as alternatives. Pink and orange are becoming more popular. Even metallic dress colours might soon be popular 2019 wedding trends – with gold and brass colours appearing.

Technology Everywhere

It can seem that everything is a smart device these days. Home appliances such as fridges and dishwashers now have smart technology that many fail to see the use in. In weddings, using smart technology will allow music and lighting to be used in ways that have never previously been possible. Drones and video mapping allow wedding couples to record every aspect of their wedding, from all kinds of angles.

Saving the Earth

Many modern weddings are much more concerned with their impact on the environment than ever before. We have long known that confetti was bad for wildlife. However, modern weddings often consider their plastic usage – keeping it low is the aim. Organic menus fit in this vein of 2019 wedding trends. Considering how your wedding will affect the world is perhaps the number one way to stay on trend in the forthcoming year.

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