Weddings can be extremely expensive days. For a single day of your life, you might end up spending tens of thousands of pounds. Indeed, the average price of a wedding in the UK is now £27,161. Organising a wedding is full of opportunities to spend money. After all, there is a lot that goes into your wedding day. These range from the things you have probably thought about, such as wedding rings, clothes and catering, to those you might not have, such as your wedding transport and entertainment.


With so many opportunities to spend money, it is a relief to hear of potential chances to save. One such chance comes from the 2018 Budget. Venues are often one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. This is due to their relative scarcity. Currently, you are limited in where you can actually get married by regulations on what counts as a wedding venue. Much of the legislation on wedding venues dates from the Victorian period at its earliest. Therefore, this means that some of it is out of touch with modern tastes. Getting married outside is currently restricted to structures with solid, permanent roofs. This means that temporary structures such as marquees are considered unacceptable.


The 2018 Budget has declared an interest in changing these regulations. This would make it easier to get married in more diverse places. The treasury believes that this will make getting married cheaper for the majority of people. More potential choice in wedding venues means that existing ones may be forced to lower their prices. The loosening regulations may also apply to indoor venues. There are around 7,500 venues that are currently licensed to conduct civil ceremonies in the UK. However, around 40% of these are hotels. If more locations are able to host weddings, then more restaurants and pubs may start offering them. This would in turn provide a boost to the hospitality industry nationwide. Wherever you choose to get married, Wedding Insurance Solutions can cover your wedding. We protect you against anything that might go wrong in the build up to, and on your wedding day. From catering to cancellation, we can keep your wedding day safe from only £21.