When you start to plan your big day, you focus on the things you want to happen. You want to get married in the right venue. Maybe you want to have the kind of entertainment that represents you as a couple. You want the best catering you can get. It is likely that you probably don’t want to think about anything going wrong with your wedding day. Unfortunately though, there are a lot of things that might go wrong. Wedding Insurance exists to protect you in case any of the things that might happen, do.

Long Lasting Cover

Wedding Insurance Solutions can cover your wedding for up to 2 years in advance of the big day itself. We can cover almost anything that might happen to your wedding – except for you deciding not to get married. For everything else, as long as you have contracts and evidence that you have paid, you should be covered.

You can get cover against issues as serious as having to cancel or rearrange your wedding. If either of these scenarios arise, we can cover the sum total of your wedding up to the indemnity amounts set in the policy wording. Depending on which policy you have, you would have cover up to the amount of £35,000 if you cancel your wedding.

Varied Cover

We can also cover you for undesirable scenarios that might not result in the total cancellation of your wedding, such as one of your suppliers going out of business. In circumstances like this, we can cover you for up to £10,000 if you have the contracts to prove you have not received what you paid for. We can also cover you in situations such as your photographer failing to arrive. Here we could cover you up to £7,500.

Wedding Insurance covers things that happen on your wedding day. This includes wedding related items being stolen or damaged on the day. This could be your wedding gifts, or even your cake. Our cover goes up to £10,000 for your wedding gifts, and the same for your rings, flowers and cake. Whatever happens to your wedding day, wedding insurance should be able to cover you.

From only £21, we can protect your big day against all kinds of risks. Save the big day with Wedding Insurance Solutions.

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Choose from our 4 levels of cover available and optional extras to tailor the policy to your unique day. 



Covers up to £5,000



Covers up to £10,000



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Covers up to £35,000