It’s easy to stress out over planning your wedding. You want to make all your guests happy, while still having your own perfect wedding day. However, you can easily get carried away by planning for your guests rather than yourself. Most guests are simply happy to be invited. However, there are certain things that your guests are more likely to enjoy than others. A new study from American Express has revealed the things your wedding guests most enjoy – and those they least care about.

Keep them Happy

The thing your wedding guests most want is to know other people who are attending the wedding. 44% of respondents to the survey said that this was what they most cared about. This was followed by 42% of people, who said that good weather was most important to them. Knowing the bride or groom well was considered important by 41% of respondents. Finally, the venue was considered important by 38% of people, and the catering by 37%.

Lower Priorities

Wedding guests are less bothered about other aspects of the wedding day. Respondents to the survey said that they were least interested in getting favours or goody bags, with only 5% saying that this was important to them. Most people are seemingly unconcerned whether they can bring their children (only 10% listing this as important). Perhaps surprisingly, very few people are all that concerned at whether they are able to meet new people or not (only 13%).

Making Plans

Wedding guests care about some parts of your day more than others. You can focus on those aspects that are most likely to make your guests happy. This is not to say that you should worry primarily about making sure your wedding pleases the guests to your own detriment, but rather that you don’t need to worry about whether your guests will be happy if you stick to popular guidelines.

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