You might have heard a lot about ‘Millennials’ recently. They are the group of people aged 25-34 who have been blamed for the decline of the housing market, gold stocks and traditional news media. It may not be a surprise that Millennials are also affecting the wedding market. While there are some trends that this group do follow, they are also starting their own.


Millennials are changing what we focus on when thinking about weddings. Their priorities are often different. This is shown in a recent study into Millennial wedding opinions. The study shows that many of the things we traditionally associate with weddings may not have much of a future.

Social Media

The rise of social media, and the ubiquity of mobile phones might be to blame for at least some of these changes. Visual appeal is increasingly the most important aspect of a wedding. Social media such as Instagram and Snapchat mean that wedding attendees are constantly able to take photos and record videos of weddings.

Millennial weddings are therefore spending money on things such as custom Snapchat filters for their wedding days. They are also spending money on professional cinematographers to create wedding videos.


Millennial weddings are also organised in different ways than have been traditional. 25% of Millennials have found wedding suppliers on Instagram. Indeed, as many as 62% of people surveyed said that wedding suppliers who do not use social media seem outdated.

Millennial weddings are less likely to be religious than older people’s. 62% of the people who responded to the survey said that they did not or would not have a wedding in a religious institution. Only 43% of people under 40 said that religion was important to them – compared to 60% of people over 40.

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