Have you been to a lavish wedding recently, and thought to yourself ‘this is a bit much’? If you have, you might find yourself agreeing with the Chinese Communist Party. The government of China has announced its opinion that the increasingly extravagant wedding culture in the country is becoming excessive. The government intends to encourage people to have simpler weddings, with more traditional build ups.


In China, there are certain traditions that people generally follow in the lead up to a wedding. These include so-called ‘hazing’, where people play tricks on the bride and groom. This tradition is becoming more and more serious over the years. A man was hit by a car while attempting to get away from a hazing ritual.

The wedding process has also become more and more competitive over recent years. Wedding gifts and bride prices have spiralled in value. In a nominally socialist economy, the government is concerned that this lavish spending could be detrimental to society. There are records of families in some provinces asking for amounts totalling tens of thousands of dollars before a wedding.


The Chinese Government already has certain guidelines for what Chinese citizens are allowed to do at a wedding. The rules encourage weddings to not bother anyone else. They also encourage guests not to take part in old fashioned traditions, even if they are a part of local culture.

Perhaps regulation of what is an acceptable way to have a wedding is a step too far for the UK. However, there is a concern that weddings are becoming too lavish for many people. The average cost of a wedding has risen dramatically over recent years – as has the cost of attending a wedding. Much as in China, it is possible that this development is driven by competition. Maybe people in the UK would have happier weddings if they did not feel any need to compete with other people’s weddings, but simply had the ceremony they wanted.

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