Wedding days are a balancing act. There are so many aspects to a wedding that your wedding day could either be a wonderful day, or a stressful one. Wedding planning involves a huge amount of preparation, and it is here that you can make sure that your wedding day goes well.

 The Unexpected

Most of the time, when you plan a wedding, you have to hand over large amounts of money to your suppliers and venue, far in advance of your wedding day. The further in advance that you are, the greater the chance that something unexpected happens to affect whether those suppliers are able to provide what they have promised you.


Suppliers can easily go out of business, or simply be unable to deliver on their promises. In the case that this happens, Wedding Insurance covers you. In fact, we cover you against almost anything that might happen to your wedding. Wedding Insurance Solutions policies cover all the major aspects of a wedding for up to 2 years in advance.


Protecting your wedding does not need to cost much. Wedding Insurance from us costs between £15 and £130. These are one off payments, not monthly or annual. This means that getting peace of mind about your wedding costs only a tiny fraction of your overall wedding costs.

When you plan your wedding, make a note of how much are going to pay overall. This helps you determine which of our wedding insurance policies you need to purchase. Plan ahead, and you’ll have the security that you need for your big day.

With one easy payment, you can cover every part of your wedding – even additional extras such as Marquees and public liability. Don’t lose out on your wedding day – cover it with Wedding Insurance Solutions.

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