When you get married, you have a lot to think about. Planning a wedding is often thought of as one of the most stressful things you can do. There is a lot to think about – often many months or even years in advance. When you organise your wedding, you often have to hand over large amounts of money too – even if only as a deposit to secure a booking. To give themselves peace of mind, lots of people are turning to wedding insurance. But what is wedding insurance, and should you get it?

What we can’t cover

Before we explain what wedding insurance is, we ought to explain what it is not. Many people have inaccurate conceptions of what they might need to insure themselves against. Despite common ideas, wedding insurance is not designed to cover cold feet. You can’t get cover against simply deciding not to get married. Wedding Insurance is not meant to insure you against breaking up.

Protect the Big Things

So what is wedding insurance actually for? While it might not cover you against splitting up, insurance will probably cover you against almost anything else. On the most serious end of the scale, wedding insurance covers you against cancelling your wedding. Policies from Wedding Insurance Solutions can cover you for up to £35,000 if you have to cancel. They can also cover you up to £22,500 for if you have to rearrange the wedding.

Don’t Let Your Suppliers Let You Down

Having a wedding requires a lot of different suppliers. Having several different suppliers, whether they be caterers, florists or entertainers, means having a higher risk that you could be let down by someone. With a policy from Wedding Insurance Solutions, you can get cover against failure of supplier for up to £10,000. This means that if your suppliers go out of business, you won’t lose out.

Protect Up to Two Years in Advance

Your wedding preparations often start significantly before your wedding day. This means that the sooner you are able to buy wedding insurance, the sooner you’ll be covered. With Wedding Insurance Solutions, you’re covered for up to 2 years before your wedding day. This protects you even for deposits you paid before you bought the policy.

Cover Your Wedding Around the World

When you plan your dream wedding, you might consider all the places around the world that you’d like to have it in. Wherever that is, cover from us will protect you in the same way. Our policies cost the same, and have the same basic cover wherever you are. The only difference is in the optional extras, which aren’t available overseas.

Make Sure Your Photos are Safe

A major part of any wedding in the 21st Century is how you record it. Photography and videography are essential elements of most weddings. However, there is a chance that you won’t get what you paid for when you book someone to record your wedding. If your photographer or videographer does not show up, or does not provide you with the pictures or video that you have paid for, you can get cover for up to £7,500.


Cover Yourself for all Eventualities

Our policies don’t just cover people who are contributing to or supplying your wedding. They also cover you and your guests personally. Insurance policies from Wedding Insurance Solutions cover you against accidents and liability in the same way they cover you for failure of supplier. If something happens to injure you at your wedding, or one of your guests does something that puts them in a state of liability, we’ll cover you.

What do You Need to do?

What do you need to do to get all this cover? Wedding Insurance requires relatively little from you. Essentially, the most important thing that you can do is get receipts for everything that you pay for. As long as you have proper evidence of what you have paid, and what you have agreed that your suppliers will provide, you should be covered. For complete certainty on what is covered and how, make sure to check your policy wording.

What is wedding insurance for then? Perhaps most of all it exists to provide you with peace of mind. If you are planning on spending enough on your wedding that you could not easily pay for anything that goes wrong yourself, wedding insurance is a must. You can give yourself the added comfort of insuring your wedding day from only £21 – up to a maximum of £98. Finally, it is easy to arrange wedding insurance – you can buy all our policies online.

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