Your wedding day should be one of the best of your life. However, if anything were to go wrong, you could potentially be left out of pocket. When you book the different parts of your wedding, you often have to pay people months and even years in advance. With so much to do before your wedding, you are put at risk of your suppliers letting you down.

Out of Your Control

Most weddings have a lot of elements to them. Many of these could potentially be very expensive. Wedding Insurance covers you against the parts of your wedding that you can’t control. If your suppliers let you down, you are covered up to £10,000. Equally, you are covered against your photographer, your wedding transport, your flowers, your cake and more.

Military Weddings

Military Weddings often come with an additional element of risk to insurance. As a part of traditional full dress uniform, many members of the armed forces are allowed to wear a ceremonial sword to their wedding. Their fellow members of the armed forces who are in attendance sometimes also form an arch of swords for the couple to pass beneath.

These ceremonial swords can be very expensive, and are sometimes even borrowed from the regiment. Having weapons at an event (even if they are for ceremonial use only) is also an increased risk. As a result, ceremonial sword cover on wedding insurance policies comes at a small additional premium.

Protection Just in Case

If you get ceremonial sword cover on your wedding insurance, you get peace of mind. You know that if anything happens to your sword, you’re covered for up to £20,000. This is protection against anything happening to the sword, or if it is unfortunately stolen.

Wedding Insurance Solutions offer cover from only £15. Additional Ceremonial Sword cover is a one off extra of £20. If you are having a military wedding, or would simply like to use ceremonial swords at your wedding, this is a policy that you cannot afford to miss.

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