Knowing what to get a couple who are getting married is a challenge. While some people opt for a registry of gifts they would like, many don’t. Besides, you want to give your friends a family a special wedding gift – one that reflects your relationship with them. Wedding Gifts can be valuable, both in terms of the money you spend and the effort you put in. Make sure the bride and groom protect your valuable gifts with Wedding Gift Insurance.

Gifts that Keep Giving

Most couples use the wedding gifts they receive a few times, and then put them away in the cupboard – only to use them when the gift givers come over. Make your gift one that keeps giving – literally. Subscription services allow your wedding gift to keep coming monthly. Why not give a flower subscription so that fresh flowers arrive every month, or a coffee subscription so that the bride and groom always have something nice to drink in the morning?


You want your present to be memorable. That could mean making it entirely individual. It is easy to find people on the internet who will create personalised gifts for brides and grooms. If the couple you are buying for are fans of culture, you could have a personalised artwork made for them with their names or interests featured.

Delayed Gratification

Some things are better if you wait. Your wedding gift will be especially memorable if the couple have to wait for it. Wine is a popular gift for weddings. However, why not choose a grape that ages well? You could give your bottle of wine as a gift for the future, and insist that the couple only open it in several years’ time – for example on their 10th or 20th anniversary.

Whatever you choose to give as a wedding gift, you still don’t want anything bad to happen to that gift. Make sure that the bride and groom take out wedding insurance before they get married. At Wedding Insurance Solutions, our policies cover wedding gifts up to the value of £10,000. This amount protects the couple in case something happens to the wedding gifts at the wedding, such as if they were stolen. Wedding Insurance costs as little as £15, and covers for up to 2 years in advance. Ask your engaged friends if they have got wedding insurance today.

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