Weddings are expensive these days. The average wedding costs as much as £27,161. That’s a lot to spend without any protection in case anything goes wrong. To many people, that is a stressful situation to be in. Most people start to arrange their weddings many months or even years in advance. They might have to hand over large amounts of money as deposits. Wedding Insurance exists to give you a level of protection between when you start spending money on your wedding, and when you actually get married – in case anything unexpected happens.

When do I need to get wedding insurance?

When you get married, you probably start planning it a long time in advance. Our policies cover you for up to two years before your wedding, so whenever you start planning, you’ll be covered. Our policies make sure that you don’t need to worry about things going wrong, or suppliers going out of business before your wedding.

What does wedding insurance cover?

There are a lot of different elements to a wedding – so there are a lot of different elements to our policies. When you are planning a wedding, you might need to make agreements with all sorts of people. These might be Florists, Photographers, Caterers and more. Wedding Insurance covers all these people. This means that whatever happens to you and your wedding, you should be covered.

What does wedding insurance not cover?

There are a few things that our policies can’t cover. Essentially, we are unable to insure you for things that you have control over. We don’t cover you if you decide not to get married. This is because that is your choice, and therefore uninsurable. We also can’t insure you for pre-existing medical conditions.

Why should I insure my wedding?

Weddings are supposed to be the best days of our lives. Most of the time, the day goes perfectly well, and nothing goes wrong beforehand. However, there is always the chance that something unexpected will happen. Insuring your wedding means giving you the extra peace of mind. Cover your wedding day so that you know that if anything happens that could affect your big day, you’ll be protected.