Getting married is something many of us dream about for years before we actually do it. However, when you have found the right person, you still need to figure out how to actually marry them. Weddings are getting more and more expensive. Incomes are not rising equally quickly though. For many of us, if we still want to get married, we need to find ways to keep costs down.

Choose the Day

Most people would actively choose a wedding one certain days of the week, and in certain times of the year. This means that these days tend to be significantly more expensive – as there is so much demand for them. If you are able to have a wedding on a less popular date, such as mid week, or in the autumn, you’ll likely find it much cheaper to get married.

Be Willing to Compromise

You might have an exact picture of the wedding you want. You might have had this picture for years. Actually making that picture a reality might be more difficult than you had expected. Compromise on your potentially perfect wedding, and you might save a lot of money. Perfection is usually expensive, but nearly perfect might be much cheaper.

Explore Alternative Foods

Traditionally, weddings have had a formal meal, with a number of set courses. This certainly has its merits. It allows all the guests to sit down and eat together – and to clearly demarcate the wedding day into two parts. However, many weddings are now less formal overall. That means that a wedding meal in the traditional sense might not be appropriate. Options for wedding food now envelope a much wider variety. Consider options such as buffets, food stalls or even picnics – they tend to be much cheaper.

Keeping the costs down on your wedding doesn’t mean that you have to have a worse wedding. It simply means that it is worth exploring the varieties of wedding experiences that are available to you. Choosing a different wedding that you might have thought of before is likely to make your wedding cheaper – and more unique.

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