Getting Married

Marriage is the ultimate expression of the love that a couple have for each other. It is also an enormous event in your lives – and a potentially very expensive one. A wedding is a significant celebration, and as such, takes some organising. When you plan your wedding, you will probably have a whole list of things you would like to do. Actually organising and paying for all of these things can prove difficult. When you start to make your plans a reality, you will learn that the practicalities of weddings are a lot more complicated than the ideals.

Organising a wedding involves compromise – on the things you want, and the things that you can afford. However, there are always some things that are not negotiable. Despite this, you can’t always control what happens to your wedding. The unexpected and the unforeseen happen more than you would expect. What can you do though? Which actions can you actually take to give yourself peace of mind, and ensure that you can have the wedding you want?

Why Insure?

When people hear the words ‘wedding insurance’, they often have a visceral response. Insurance covers you against things you don’t want to happen. When you are planning a celebration of your love, you might not want to even think about the things that could go wrong. As a result, people often dislike discussing whether they need wedding insurance at all.

Perhaps this reticence comes from a misconception. Some people believe that wedding insurance covers the couple against splitting up, or deciding not to get married at all. However, this is far from the truth. Wedding Insurance does not cover splitting up, or not getting married. It is essentially a form of contract cover. We protect the things that you have paid for for your wedding, in case you do not get them. This could be because the company has gone out of business. It could also cover you against not receiving what you have paid for.

Wedding Insurance is not something that you need to be afraid of. In fact, it should actually give you peace of mind that whatever happens in the lead up to your wedding day, you will be covered, and not financially vulnerable.


Perhaps the most significant thing that our policies cover is the total cancellation of your wedding. Our wedding insurance policies cover you against the loss of the money you have already spent on your wedding. This might include deposits or other payments (as long as you have receipts for them).

We can cover you against your venue going out of business, or being shut for an extended period of time. Our cover can pay you for your irrecoverable damages in the case of the death or illness of a close relative causing the cancellation of your wedding. We also cover you in case your wedding suppliers fail to show up (causing the cancellation of the wedding). Wedding Insurance covers you in case weather prevents you getting to your venue. It even covers you being made redundant, or posted overseas in a military capacity.

Our cover comes in four levels. All of the levels cover cancellation – although with different maximum indemnity levels. A Silver policy covers you up to a maximum of £5,000. Gold covers you up to £10,000. Diamond cover goes up to £20,000. Finally, Platinum cover goes up to £35,000.


Sometimes, you might need to change the date of your wedding, but not need to cancel the whole thing. This could be after an issue with your venue (which requires you to have the wedding later than you had planned). It could also be as a result of the illness, injury or death of a relative of yours. We cover you against your wedding suppliers causing you to rearrange your wedding, and against the weather causing the rearrangement.

Our policies cover the irrecoverable material losses that you might suffer in the case of having to rearrange the wedding. What this means is that if you would lose money as a result of the rearrangement (such as in deposits), you will be covered. Having to rearrange your wedding can be a very stressful experience. Wedding Insurance can make sure that you don’t need to worry about money as well.


Organising a wedding takes a lot of work. You might need to work with lots of businesses and suppliers to have the wedding that you want. When you start planning your wedding, you might need to pay out a wide range of deposits and initial payments. With so many people involved, you could easily end up losing out on at least one of them.

The wedding industry exists in a precarious state. Wedding suppliers go out of business every week. This means that almost any of the suppliers you might have made agreements with could go out of business. If they do, you might find yourself out of pocket by hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Wedding Insurance protects the payments that you have already made in case your suppliers go out of business.

Our policies protect you both from losing your deposits, and also from any potential additional costs in arranging alternative Wedding Services. The four levels of cover that we provide all protect you against the failure of your suppliers. They cover you to £2,500 maximum indemnity with a Silver policy; £5,000 with a Gold; £7,500 with Diamond & £10,000 with Platinum.


You want to look special on your special day. That’s why you might spend a lot on your outfit. When you spend a lot, you want to make sure that you actually get what you have paid for. Unfortunately, the unexpected does happen. Accidents can happen, and damage the wedding clothes that you have spent so much on.

If this does happen, you could easily end up significantly out of pocket. Damage to a wedding dress, or even having to replace it entirely could cost you a lot of money. With wedding insurance, you will be covered for the cost of replacing the item of clothing. Our cover covers you for up to 3 months before your wedding. We also cover you for a maximum of 48 hours after your wedding starts if you are using rented clothing.


Wedding Gifts represent the regard that your guests all hold you in. They are a symbol that your guests want to recognise your wedding, and want to reward you for getting married. As such, the thought of something happening to your wedding gifts might be distressing. If something were to happen, and your wedding gifts were damaged or lost, you could lose both your valuable gifts, and the costs of replacing them. We cover you if something happens to damage your gifts during a theft (or attempted theft), and for the gifts if they are stolen.


There are a lot of parts to a wedding that people consider essential. Almost nobody has a wedding without flowers, or cake. If something were to happen to your flowers or cake around your wedding day, then you might feel as if there is a major part of your big day missing. That is not even to mention the potential financial loss you could suffer from trying to get a replacement for these essentials with a short turn around. Our wedding insurance policies cover you for your wedding cake, flowers and even your attendants’ gifts. We cover you for up to £1,500 on a Silver policy, £5,000 on a Gold Policy. Our Diamond cover goes up to £7,000, and finally Platinum covers you up to £10,000.


Everyone wants a record of their big day. While memories are important, having photos or videos of your wedding day help crystalize the day for you – and allow you to share your memories with other people. If something happens to prevent you from getting your photos or videos, you might be devastated. Our policies include cover for up to £7,500, specifically for your wedding photos and videos. This could be as a result of your contracted wedding photographer failing to appear at your wedding as they have promised. We would also cover you if the photographer failed to provide you with the photos or videos that they have taken. Our policies can even cover your costs in arranging specific photos that have not been produced – such as cutting a cake.

Legal Stuff

Most weddings go well, and no one who attends them has any need to consider the potential legal aspects of a wedding. However, there are always some wedding days which result in legal activity. Our policies can cover you for a variety of legal costs, and legal related expenses. Primarily, we can cover your representatives for the costs of their legal expenses in the case of your injury or death at your wedding. We can also cover you against the risk of an accident happening to you at your wedding. We can also cover you for personal and or public liability, if you need. This covers you against liability in the case of your guests being harmed, or property damaged.


Wedding Insurance exists to give you peace of mind. Getting married is meant to be a fun experience – but it can easily end up being a stressful one too. If the unexpected happens, you could be left significantly out of pocket, and without part of your planned wedding. Insuring your big day lets you relax, as you know that whatever happens, you have a safety net. Cover your wedding day with Wedding Insurance Solutions today for as little as £21.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost a One-Off?

Yes. The prices that you see on our website are all one off costs. You only need to pay us once, and then you are covered for up to 2 years in advance of your wedding day.

Who Needs to Take Out the Policy?

It is not necessarily either member of the couple who needs to take out the policy. Instead, whoever is most financially liable needs to take out the policy. Often, this is a parent or a relative. You need to decide who stands to lose out most financially on the wedding in case of having to claim before buying the policy.

Do You Cover Weddings Abroad?

Yes – we can cover weddings all over the world. We do not cover your travel, however. We are also limited in what we can cover in The USA and in Canada in regards to liability.

Can You Cover the Honeymoon?

We can’t cover the honeymoon at all. This would be an issue for travel insurance, rather than wedding insurance.


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