Everyone wants the perfect wedding – but what does that actually mean? For different people, a perfect wedding might be entirely different things. What is important is that the couple choose what is right for them. How do they find out what is right though? One way is to look at what other people are doing for their weddings – in other words, what the wedding trends for that year are. Wedding trends change every year, so we have created this useful guide to the sort of trends you might see in 2020.


The traditional church wedding, with its traditional vows is a declining phenomenon. More and more people are choosing to have private wedding ceremonies. This means that their vows can be as  creative as they would like. As a result, couples writing their own vows is expected to be one of the  major 2020 wedding trends.


As combatting Global Heating becomes more of a priority for people around the world, many people are choosing to try and make their weddings as sustainable as possible. This can be achieved in a wide variety of ways. One of the most popular is choosing local and seasonal flowers. Many of the flowers that are traditionally and popularly used in wedding ceremonies and receptions are increasingly un-environmentally friendly. Couples are also choosing to use flower petals as confetti – as traditional confetti is often damaging to the environment.


The tradition of setting up a wedding registry of what you’d like and then letting your guests buy them for you is fading away. Increasingly, couples are choosing to ask for gifts differently. One of the most prominent 2020 wedding trends is to ask for money from guests – often in order to pay for a honeymoon.

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