Weddings aren’t just a celebration of a couple’s love. They are also a good opportunity for a party! For many of the people who get married, a wedding needs to have alcohol to be a proper celebration. However, growing numbers of people in the UK are deciding not to drink alcohol. As a result, sober weddings are an increasing trend throughout the country. How can you have a sober wedding that still appeals to your guests?


People will still want to drink something at your wedding if they are not able to drink alcohol. Choosing the best substitutions is one of the best ways to make sure that your sober wedding still goes down well. Mocktails are an increasingly popular way of recreating some of the taste of alcohol, without actually getting drunk. Kombucha is also a healthy fermented alternative to booze (although be aware that some Kombucha actually contains alcohol).


When people want to drink depends on the time of the day, week and year. If you choose to have an early wedding (for example in the morning), many of your guests will find a sober wedding much more to their taste than if you were to get married in the late afternoon. Equally, choosing to get married on a Sunday might make your guests happier to not be drinking than if it were on a Saturday.


Your guests (unless they are all non-drinkers too) are much more likely to be pleased with a sober wedding if they were expecting it. Don’t spring the idea on your guests unaware. Let your guests know that you won’t be serving alcohol at your wedding beforehand. That way, you can encourage people to change their expectations beforehand.

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