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Weddings take place all over the world. It seems to be something of a human impulse to celebrate a couple’s love for each other in a ceremony. These ceremonies reflect local cultures, histories and practices. At Wedding Insurance Solutions, we can cover any kind of wedding – whatever culture or religion they represent.


Weddings in the Indian subcontinental tradition follow many regional and religious practices. Among Hindus, despite regional differences, there are still many common aspects to a wedding. Hindu weddings are noted in classical Indian literature from at least 700 BC. They are enormously codified in traditional practice – with eight recognised types of wedding.


Hindu weddings generally follow three major steps. The first of these is called Kanyadan – The Gift of a Maiden. It refers to the bride’s father giving her away, much as in Western Christian tradition. The father of the bride places his daughter’s hand in her husband’s, and a hymn is read. The groom then promises his future father-in-law to respect Hindu principles.

The next stage of Hindu weddings is the Panigrahana – Holding the Hand. The couple hold hands after the groom lights a sacred fire. He then swears to be the bride’s husband and to respect the gods.

The final and most significant of the three steps is the Saptapadi – The Seven Steps. In Hindu Weddings, this is the legal element that makes the marriage official. The couple walk around the sacred fire (Agni) seven times. They make vows to one another to promise to love and care for each other. The sacred fire acts as a witness to their vows. When the seventh circle of the fire is completed, the couple are considered married.


Hindu Weddings are in a way representative of Hindu traditions overall. The faith is not monolithic, and accepts multiple denominations and practices. While there is a great depth of tradition, not all weddings show all the practices. However, whichever Indian Wedding practices you follow, Wedding Insurance Solutions can cover you.

Wedding Insurance Solutions can cover Hindu Weddings in the UK or around the world. As long as you are British citizens, we can cover your wedding.

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