Weddings take place all over the world. It seems to be something of a human impulse to celebrate a couple’s love for each other in a ceremony. These ceremonies reflect local cultures, histories and practices. At Wedding Insurance Solutions, we can cover any kind of wedding – whatever culture or religion they represent.

Weddings among Bengalis are usually either Muslim or Hindu in character. Among British Bengalis – who largely originate in Sylhet – they are largely Muslim ceremonies that maintain a distinctive Bangladeshi character.


Traditional weddings in Bangladesh are often arranged by Ghotoks or matchmakers. Many people now choose not to use a matchmaker when meeting their spouse. However, an important part of the Bangladeshi wedding tradition is still the ‘Ghotokbidae’, or ‘saying goodbye to the matchmakers’.

Next, the families give their consent to the partnership in the Patri-Patro ceremony. Both families convene to arrange the date of the marriage, and document the legal requirements of each party. When the families have made their agreements, they are announced with the blowing a conch shell.

Family Customs

One of the most famous of Bangladeshi wedding practices comes next – the Gaye Hould. This is a ceremony where the couple’s families and guests paint them with a turmeric paste. The bride and groom visit each other’s homes, and bring gifts. Most notably perhaps is the fish dressed as a wedding guest that the groom’s family take to the bride’s house.

When a Bangladeshi wedding takes place, there is a great deal of ceremony. Brides traditionally wear a colourful sari and special wedding jewellery. The bride and groom sit separately, and a Hujur (a Muslim scholar) asks if the two accept each other as their partner. They then sign a document, and are officially married.

Bengali weddings often take place over several days. The day after the wedding, the bride hosts a dinner at her new home. This represents the ‘reception’ part of the Bangladeshi wedding. This is known as Bou Bhat.

Wedding Insurance Solutions are proud to cover Bangladeshi weddings, in the UK or Bangladesh. As long as the bride and groom are British citizens, we can cover the wedding. For as little as £15, you can protect yourself against the unexpected putting you out of pocket.

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