Weddings take place all over the world. It seems to be something of a human impulse to celebrate a couple’s love for each other in a ceremony. These ceremonies reflect local cultures, histories and practices. At Wedding Insurance Solutions, we can cover any kind of wedding – whatever culture or religion they represent.

Traditions in Sri Lankan Weddings

Sri Lankan weddings have many traditions and customs of their own – which can vary across the island nation. The influences on a Sri Lankan wedding can be from the different religions of the country, or from the cultural backgrounds of the families celebrating. The majority of people in Sri Lanka are Buddhists, and as such many weddings represent Buddhist traditions.

This is shown most in the Nekath. This is an auspicious time according to Buddhist traditions. An astrologer determines when a Sri Lankan Wedding should take place. This is dependent on the horoscopes of both bride and groom.


The ceremony itself of a Sri Lankan Buddhist wedding is the Poruwa. This is both the name of the ceremony, and of the decorated wooden platform that it takes place on. Several people help the ceremony take place – the Ashtaka, who sings religious hymns and the Jayamangala Gatha (a group of four girls who bless the ceremony).

When it is the right time to start, the bride and her family gather on the left side of the poruwa, and the bride and his family gather on the right. They step onto the platform with their right foot first, while a conch shell blows.

The Shilpadhipathi (master of ceremonies) and the couple exchange betel leaves, which are symbolic to the gods. The couple are then tied together with a golden thread called pirith nool. The groom then passes a length of white cloth to his bride, who then gives it to her mother – this represents the gratitude of the groom.

With so much pageantry and potential expense, Sri Lankan Weddings can be very costly. Whether you hold your ceremony in the UK or worldwide, Wedding Insurance Solutions can cover you. Keep your wedding safe with Wedding Insurance.

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