How much do wedding flowers cost?

When you are planning a wedding, the costs can easily start to rack up. You might end up spending more than you would expect on certain items. One such suprisingly expensive parts of a wedding is the wedding flowers. Arranging the floral decorations and displays for a wedding can easily cost you more than £1,000 pounds – if not significantly more. Many traditional commercial wedding flowers companies might charge as much as £2,000 or more.

Why grow your own wedding flowers?

Instead of buying in flowers, some people are trying new methods of lowering the cost of their wedding flowers. Growing your own wedding flowers is a creative and eco-friendly way of lowering the cost of decorating your wedding. When you grow your own wedding flowers, you have complete control over what types of flowers you have, as well as their origin. Wedding Flowers that you buy from larger suppliers can sometimes come with a massive carbon footprint. Growing your own lets you know exactly how they were produced – including the pesticides that might have been used.

When to start growing your own wedding flowers

One aspect of growing your own wedding flowers that might put a lot of people off is the amount of time it takes. You need to start at least several months before the wedding. If you have slow growing plants, you might need as much as 6 months. It is worth making a flowchart or spreadsheet for each type of flower you plan to have, and how long each will take to grow. Then you can plant them in order for them to be ready at the same time. This time should most likely be just before your wedding. 

Growing your own wedding flowers can be a lot of effort. As such, a great many people choose not to grow their own, but instead buy them in from the professionals. While this is more expensive, it certainly has its advantages. One such advantage is that we are able to insure you against something going wrong with bought flowers. If your wedding flower providers fail to provide you with what you have paid for, you would be covered under our Wedding Insurance policies. You can get covered from as little as £15 – so get peace of mind today.

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