Updated: 23rd March.



Coronavirus is a dangerous contagious viral disease, thought to have originated in Wuhan. Recent news stories have spread awareness of the outbreak. They have also caused a spread in concern about the potential effects the virus may have on people’s lives. At Wedding Insurance Solutions, we have recently received a number of enquiries in regards to the virus’ potential effects on weddings. Some people are concerned whether insurance covers the issue.

New Policies

Unfortunately, due to the risks involved with corona virus, from 5pm on the 11th March we are no longer accepting any new policies for the time being. We will keep our website updated with any updates one when we are expected to be up and selling again. This decision does not affect any policies that are already on cover with us. If you have any concerns please contact our team on 0161 495 6112.

Existing Policies

Perhaps the most concerning development for many people is the potential for disruptions caused by the virus. These could take several forms. Most common though would be if travel either within a country, or between countries becomes impossible. If this is due to ‘prohibitive regulations by the government of any country’, then the policy holder would not be covered.

Other people are concerned that individuals connected to the wedding become ill, and are unable to attend the wedding. If they fit the definition of a ‘Close Relative’ as defined by the policy wording, then the policy holder would have cover under the ‘Cancellation’ and ‘Rearrangement’ sections of the policy.

The Coronavirus may also be relevant to certain wedding venues. Our policy wording states that policy holders might be able to claim for cancellation or rearrangement. This is dependent on fitting certain circumstances. If ‘the booked venue for the wedding or wedding reception being unable to hold your wedding due to an outbreak of infectious or contagious disease’, then you would be covered. 

If you are considering taking out wedding insurance, but you are concerned about the potential impact of coronavirus on your wedding, please be aware of the risks outlined above. Our policies cannot cover the full impact that the virus might have on your wedding guests. If national or international law prohibits movement, our policies are superseded. As the situation is constantly evolving, it is hard to predict the potential impact of the virus. Be aware of the potential risks as they evolve. You should also check if other types of insurance cover you for the particular risks you might face. 

Changing your Wedding Date

You might be able to postpone your wedding date to later in the year. For more information on this, click here.


Not Covered

  • Self isolation of the couple or a close relative that prevents the continuation of the wedding, only if it is a confirmed case of coronavirus
  • Venue cancelling due to an outbreak at their premises
  • Suppliers who are contracted to provide a service on your wedding day if they give notice within 24 hours of the wedding or do not appear on the day
  • Prevention of the wedding due to an act of state, for example the closing of borders or prevention of gatherings over a certain capacity
  • Self isolation of the couple or guests that is just for precaution but isn’t a confirmed case

If you have any concerns where your policy stands in regards to Corona Virus then please call our team on 0161 495 6112 and they will be happy to help.