Planning a wedding is fundamentally a gamble. You can never truly know what is going to happen in the future. Despite this, you still have to make some choices about what you want at your wedding. These might be expensive choices – about the decorations, your clothes, the food you serve. No matter how much you spend, or how much you plan, you might not be able to do everything that you had intended to at your wedding. Sometimes, real life gets in the way. Most notably perhaps in the UK, the weather can change your plans. Adverse weather can change your big day in moments.

 Adverse Weather Insurance

It will likely not come as a surprise to anyone who has lived long in the UK that our weather is changeable. It can be glorious sunny skies in the morning and torrential rain come afternoon. This is probably not what you would hope for your wedding day. Adverse weather is not something that is unheard of at any time of year in the UK. Yet – you still have to make your plans about when and where to have your wedding. Adverse weather insurance can protect you in case the worst happens to your special day.

 Protect Your Wedding

With wedding insurance, you get adverse weather insurance as standard. This means that you can rest assured in case the very worst happens. Our weather protection covers you in case the weather makes getting to your wedding venue or reception impossible. That means that if the rain comes down torrentially and floods the roads to your venue, you are covered for the irrecoverable costs in cancelling or rearranging the wedding. Equally, if you can’t get to your reception because the snow has fallen too heavily, you are covered.


With Wedding Insurance Solutions, you can protect yourself from weather ruining your wedding from as little as £15. That’s a one off payment – so you get peace of mind for the price of a pizza.