Everyone wants to remember their wedding day. After all, it is meant to be the best day of your life. However, wedding days tend to end up as a bit of a blur. Most people have so much to do, so many people to speak to and so many hands to shake that they don’t remember much of the actual day. That’s why we have photographers at the wedding. They can preserve the day for you in record – in a way our memories can’t.  What can you do though if your wedding photographer doesn’t show unexpectedly on the day?

Wedding Photographer Insurance

Wedding Insurance protects you for up to £10,000 of irrecoverable costs if you do not get the  wedding photographs that you have paid for. What this actually covers is dependent on the wide range of things that can go wrong. We cover you in case the photographer or videographer does not show up on the day as they had promised to. That means that  if there are irrecoverable costs, you are covered.

Damage to Photographs

You are also covered in the case that something happens to damage or destroy the photographs or videos after they are taken. This means that if something happens the original film, the photo negatives or the files the photographer produces, you would be covered. We also cover you in case the photographer fails to provide you with the photos or videos that you have paid for.

Special Photographs

Our policies even cover you if you need to have certain elements of your wedding photography redone. We provide for if you need to have photos of your cake cutting redone. This covers you if something unexpected happens to damage your wedding cake.

What our policies require is that you have a signed contract with your photographer. We need this to prove what you have paid for, when the photographer was due to be present, and what they had agreed to do for you. As long as you have both signed this document, it counts as a contract.