Changing your Wedding Date

Due to the current outbreak of Covid-19 Coronavirus, many of our customers are finding it hard to have their weddings when they had planned to. This might be because of them getting ill. It might be because of their older relatives needing to go into self-isolation. In some circumstances, venues are pre-emptively deciding not to hold weddings for a few months. In any circumstance, many couples are finding it impossible to get married as they had planned.

However, this is not necessarily un-fixable. Many of our customers are finding that their wedding venues and suppliers are happy to let them re-arrange their wedding date for later in the year, or even next year. This is often without any loss on their behalf. As such, lots of people are finding that they can re-arrange their wedding without making a claim.

If this is the case, let us know  when you are changing your wedding date to. With the co-operation of the policy underwriters, we are often able to simply update your policy to reflect the new date. Please note that this is the prerogative of the policy underwriters, who assess on a case by case basis.

If you find that you are able to postpone your wedding, and need us to update your policy details, just let us know in writing. Our email address is Give us your confirmed new dates, and we will request the changes be made with the policy underwriters.

If you have any questions about changing your wedding date, get in contact with us, and let us help you out.