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At Wedding Insurance Solutions, we believe that protecting your wedding day is one of the most important parts in planning for the big day. Although we hope you never have to use it, the insurance you can put in place can help you to save thousands in the unfortunate event of cancellation, rearrangement or failure of suppliers.

Our product offers you cover which is clearly laid out to you before making a purchase. This leaves you with the peace of mind that if anything were to happen, you will not lose out financially.

If you have any queries about buying wedding insurance call our team today on 0161 495 6112. They can advise you on the best policy to suit your individual needs.


Wedding Insurance Solutions is a trading name of Alternative Propositions Limited who have years of experience in the insurance industry, dealing daily with specialist insurance. Our team are able to offer advice on a wide range of policies, from motor to home and commercial.

Alternative Propositions Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 602443. Registered address: Alternative Insurance Brokers, Anglia House, Carrs Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 2LA. Registered in England No 8253536.


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Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Weddings are expensive these days. The average wedding costs as much as £27,161. That’s a lot to spend without any protection in case anything goes wrong. To many people, that is a stressful situation to be in. Most people start to arrange their weddings many months or even years in advance. They might have to hand over large amounts of money as...

Why Have a Drone at your Wedding?

When you plan your wedding, there are a lot of things to take into account. Besides deciding when and where you want to get married, you need to think about catering, entertainment and transport. That is not even to mention photography and videography. How these last two aspects of your wedding happen may change in the coming years. While food is...

Original Wedding Gift Ideas

Knowing what to get a couple who are getting married is a challenge. While some people opt for a registry of gifts they would like, many don’t. Besides, you want to give your friends a family a special wedding gift – one that reflects your relationship with them. Wedding Gifts can be valuable, both in terms of the money you spend and the effort...

What is Ceremonial Sword Cover for Wedding Insurance?

Your wedding day should be one of the best of your life. However, if anything were to go wrong, you could potentially be left out of pocket. When you book the different parts of your wedding, you often have to pay people months and even years in advance. With so much to do before your wedding, you are put at risk of your suppliers letting you...

What is Wedding Insurance?

When you get married, you have a lot to think about. Planning a wedding is often thought of as one of the most stressful things you can do. There is a lot to think about – often many months or even years in advance. When you organise your wedding, you often have to hand over large amounts of money too – even if only as a deposit to secure a...

What is Marquee Cover for Wedding Insurance?

Your wedding day should be one you’ll never forget. Hopefully, this is because it was such a special day, and not because anything went wrong. There are a lot of components that go into a wedding. You need to organise the venue, the catering, the entertainment and more. This is not even to mention your wedding rings and clothes. Advance...

Is Wedding Insurance a One Off Payment?

Wedding days are a balancing act. There are so many aspects to a wedding that your wedding day could either be a wonderful day, or a stressful one. Wedding planning involves a huge amount of preparation, and it is here that you can make sure that your wedding day goes well.  The Unexpected Most of the time, when you plan a wedding, you have to...

Are Weddings Getting Out of Hand?

Have you been to a lavish wedding recently, and thought to yourself ‘this is a bit much’? If you have, you might find yourself agreeing with the Chinese Communist Party. The government of China has announced its opinion that the increasingly extravagant wedding culture in the country is becoming excessive. The government intends to encourage...

How are Millennials Changing Weddings?

You might have heard a lot about ‘Millennials’ recently. They are the group of people aged 25-34 who have been blamed for the decline of the housing market, gold stocks and traditional news media. It may not be a surprise that Millennials are also affecting the wedding market. While there are some trends that this group do follow, they are also...

What do your Wedding Guests Really Care About?

It’s easy to stress out over planning your wedding. You want to make all your guests happy, while still having your own perfect wedding day. However, you can easily get carried away by planning for your guests rather than yourself. Most guests are simply happy to be invited. However, there are certain things that your guests are more likely to...

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