New Policies Update

Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus, we are not accepting any new policies. Our website will be updated accordingly as soon as we know when we will be able to accept new customers again.



We assure any existing customers that this decision will not affect their policy with us in any way.



If you have any concerns please contact our team on 0161 495 6112.

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We have had to make some changes due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19. Please note:

  • We can no longer sell new policies
  • Any existing policies well still be honoured and there are no changes to your cover agreed at the time of purchase
  • If you are postponing your wedding, we can look into changing the date on your policy. Please email
  • We are still open to answer any enquiries you may have, Please call 0161 495 6112.
  • If you need to make a claim on your policy then please contact the Underwriter Acasta Europe on 0345 040 5975.

For more information about our changes due to COVID-19 please click here.

If you would like to be notified when we are able to sell policies again then please enter your email below and our team will get in touch to notify you.

Please note that when sales are implemented again we cannot guarantee that the prices or policy wording will be the same as displayed below as this is currently under review by the underwriters.

Planning your wedding day means making sure you are prepared for anything and everything. This should include protection against any unforeseen risks too. Some factors are beyond your control and we want to help give you peace of mind by protecting you in these unfortunate circumstances.

We offer a wide range of cover, from cancellations to supplier failure to even protecting your wedding cake. Compare our wedding insurance packages below to find the one that suits your budget best. If you have any questions about any of the packages we offer then please give us a call on 0161 495 6112.

Compare Wedding Insurance Levels


£35,000 Cover
  • Cancellation Cover | £35,000
  • Rearrangement | £22,500
  • Failure of Suppliers | £10,000
  • Ceremonial Attire | £10,000
  • Photography / Video | £7,500


£50,000 Cover
  • Cancellation Cover | £50,000
  • Rearrangement | £30,000
  • Failure of Suppliers | £12,500
  • Ceremonial Attire | £12,5000
  • Photography/ Video | £10,000

All prices include 12% Insurance Premium Tax.

Optional Marquee Insurance

+ £25

Cover for any marquees or tents that will be used either in the ceremony or the reception. This includes damages or loss that may occur. Exclusions apply, please see our policy wording for more details. Cover for this section is not valid outside the UK.

Optional Ceremonial Sword Cover

+ £20

Ceremonial sword is an essential part for some weddings, but they do bring an extra risk. This is why it is essential to put the correct insurance in place. For more details download our policy wording. Cover for this section is not valid outside the UK.

Optional Public Liability Insurance

+ £25

Public Liability cover is sometimes a requirement by your venue or suppliers. We cover you up to £1m, insuring you and your guests for any accidental injury, accidental loss or accidental damage that may occur on your wedding day. Cover for this section is not valid within the USA or Canada.

Eligibility and Exclusions

To be able to purchase a policy or make a claim, you must be able to say yes to all of the following statements:

1.  At least one partner is either a UK citizen or resident.

2. You have / will obtain a signed contract from all suppliers used.

3. The reception is within 14 calendar days of the legal ceremony.


Policy exclusions

1. Excludes circumstances of which you are aware at the time of effecting this policy.

2. Cancellations arising from couple who decide not to go ahead with the wedding.

For full policy exclusions please read the policy wording.

Policy Documents

Follow the links below to read over the policy documents before you buy:

Policy Wording

Terms and Conditions

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