Wedding Personal Liability Insurance

Insure yourself against personal liability

Your wedding might have a lot of guests. After all, you probably want all of the people who are important to you to be able to come. Having all those guests present unfortunately makes it more likely that something unexpected will happen. Our wedding personal liability insurance covers you for legal liability if something happens to a third party, such as an accident or damage to property.

We cover you for up to £2 million worth of personal liability on all our cover levels.

The policy wording states: ‘We will indemnify You up to the amount specified in the Summary of Cover in respect of Your legal liability arising from accidental injury to third parties or accidental loss of or damage to third party property.

In the event of Your death We will, in respect of the liability incurred by You, indemnify Your personal representatives in the terms of and subject to the limitations of this section, provided that such personal representatives shall act as though they were You and observe, fulfil and be subject to the terms, Exclusions and Conditions of this section insofar as they can apply.’

This means that essentially we will cover you if you are liable for any injury to people or damage to property.

There are also some things that we are not able to cover you for. In the policy wordings, these are listed as:

1. liability arising from:

i. the use or possession of vehicles, aircraft or watercraft,trailers or caravans

ii. loss of or damage to property belonging to or held in trust by the Insured

iii. any wilful or malicious act

2. the carrying on of any profession, trade or business

3. employers’ liability, contractual liability or liability to a member of Your family

4. liability assumed by You by arrangement

5. liability arising from animals belonging to or in Your care, custody or control

6. liability arising from the ownership or occupation of land or buildings

7. liability arising from any criminal proceedings

8. Your costs and expenses incurred without Our prior written consent

9. any liability arising out of the Road Traffic Act or its equivalent

10. liability which is or but for the existence of this policy would be Insured by any other insurance, except in respect of any excess beyond the amount payable, or which would have been payable, under such other insurance had this policy not been effected

11. liability incurred by You more than 24 hours before or more than 24 hours after the Wedding Date

12. liability for fines, penalties, liquidated damages or punitive exemplary aggravated or multiplied damages

13. loss of or damage to any goods or other property sold, supplied, delivered, installed or erected by You and all costs of or arising from the need of making good, removal, repair, rectification, replacement or recall of:

a) any such good or property

b) any defective work executed by You

14. liability arising from the ownership or use of firearms or fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices or effects

15. loss or damage to flooring caused by footwear of any kind

16. any loss arising from ownership or use of bouncy castles or other inflatables.

The ‘We’ referred to in the Policy Wording is Acasta Europe – the underwriters of our wedding insurance policies.


What else we cover

We also cover many other aspects of your wedding. Among these are:


  • Cancellation
  • Rearrangement
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Cakes & Flowers
  • Photography
  • Wedding Transport

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