Wedding Rearrangement Insurance

Protect your wedding day against rearrangement with Wedding Rearrangement Insurance

You don’t want anything to happen to your wedding day, and the chances are that nothing will go wrong. However, unexpected things do happen. Things could happen that mean you need to make changes to your wedding. They might even cause your wedding to be rearranged. If your wedding does have to be rearranged, you could lose out financially. Wedding Rearrangement Insurance can help protect you against the costs of rearranging your wedding. We can cover you up to £30,000 if you have to rearrange.

According to the Policy Wording: ‘In the event of cancellation or curtailment of the Wedding or Wedding Reception for reasons specified in Part I above, We will pay up to the amount detailed in the Summary of Cover to reimburse You for reasonable Additional Costs incurred in rearranging the Wedding and/or Wedding Reception and/or Wedding Service Supplier to a similar standard to the amount originally budgeted.’

What does this mean for you? Essentially, it explains that for the reasons listed in the section ‘Cancellation’ section, we will cover you for the extra costs that you might incur in rearranging the wedding.

The circumstances described in the previously mentioned section are: ‘(a) the booked venue for the Wedding or Wedding Reception being unable to hold Your Wedding due to an outbreak of infectious or contagious disease, damage to the venue, murder or suicide at the premises or closure of the venue by the relevant authority

(b) the death, injury or sickness of the couple or Close Relative which would make continuance of the Wedding inappropriate

(c) the unforseen and total non-appearance on the Wedding day of any booked and paid for professional Wedding Services Suppliers

(d) accidental complete loss of or severe damage to Ceremonial Attire which renders the items unwearable, where the purchase or hire of alternatives is not possible

(e) redundancy, where notice is received at least 8 weeks after the issue of the Schedule and qualifying for payment under the current redundancy legislation, of the bride, groom, civil partners or any of their relatives who would have made proven, significant, financial contributions on which the Wedding arrangements depend

(f) the unforeseen posting overseas of a serving member of the UK armed forces or unavoidable and necessary duty for the Ambulance Service, Coastguard, Fire Brigade or Police Personnel of a member of the main Wedding party or a Close Relative which occurs during the Period Of Insurance

(g) the non-appearance of the officiating minister or registrar.

(h) the inability of the Wedding party and guests to reach the Wedding or Wedding Reception venue due to Adverse Weather conditions.

If your wedding needs to be rearranged because of one or more of these reasons, we will cover you.

Wedding Rearrangement Insurance protects you up to the amounts of:















The ‘We’ referred to in the Policy Wording is Acasta Europe – the underwriters of our wedding insurance policies.

 Other Cover:

We don’t just cover your wedding against rearrangement. We cover you against many of the other things that might happen to you, for up to 2 years in advance of your wedding date. We cover:


  • Cancellation of your wedding
  • Damage to your wedding dress
  • Your wedding rings, cakes and cake
  • Your wedding vehicles and transportation
  • Difficulties with your photography
  • Optional Ceremonial Sword and Marquee cover

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