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Please be aware that wedding insurance does not cover you for travel restrictions as a result of the Corona Virus. For more information, click here.

Due to Corona Virus, we are now only providing policies where the wedding is at least 6 months away.

General Questions


Why do I need Wedding Insurance?

Insuring your wedding day means protecting yourself against the risks that come from organising such a large event. If your suppliers, venue, caterers or more fail to provide you with what they have promised you, you could be left out of pocket without insurance.

When do I need to take out Wedding Insurance?

The earliest you can take out your policy is two years before your wedding date. Generally, it is a good idea to know how much you are planning to spend before buying your policy. Be aware that some venues also require you to show proof of having wedding insurance before you can book.

How much does Wedding Insurance cost?

Our policies cost from £15 for our Silver cover up to £130 for our Platinum level cover. We also offer optional extras such as Marquee and Ceremonial Sword cover for an additional premium.

Is Wedding Insurance a one off payment?

All of our policies are one-off costs. You only need to pay the amount once, and you are covered for up to two years until your wedding day.

How far in advance can I take out a policy?

We cover up to two years in advance of your wedding date.

Whose name does the policy need to be in?

Your policy needs to be in the name of the person who is most financially liable for your wedding. This might be you, or someone else, such as your parents.

Can my wedding day and reception be on different dates?

We cover your wedding day and reception under the same policy. We can only cover them if they are within 14 days of each other.

Will I need travel insurance if my wedding is abroad?

Your wedding insurance policy covers your wedding abroad. Your travel arrangements would have to be covered by a travel insurance policy.

Can I buy a policy abroad?

Yes. You can buy a policy anywhere around the world, as long as at least one of the couple are a UK citizen or resident. To purchase the policy, you do need to provide a UK address on the documentation, such as that of a close relative. We also ask you to send us an email with your address abroad for our records.

Do I have to pay an excess on a claim?

All our policies do have excesses to pay. Please refer to the policy wording for exact excess amounts on all our cover. Generally though, the excesses are £25 for Silver, Gold and Diamond cover, and £50 for Platinum.

Who underwrites the policies?

Our wedding insurance policies are underwritten by Acasta Europe Limited.

Can I cancel my policy?

You have the right to cancel your policy within 14 days of taking it out.

Will you cover a Humanist Wedding?

We can cover a humanist wedding as long as you also have a civil marriage or partnership certificate through the Registry Office.

Cover Questions


What does my policy cover?

For a complete description of what your policy covers, check the policy wording. In general terms, we cover the following:

  1. Cancellation
  2. Rearrangement
  3. Ceremonial Attire
  4. Wedding Gifts
  5. Rings, Flowers & Cake
  6. Transport
  7. Photography & Videography
  8. Failure of Supplier
  9. Personal Accidents
  10. Legal Expenses
  11. Personal Liability
  12. Essential Document Liability.
Am I covered for deposits I paid before I took out the policy?

If you have written contracts proving the agreements you have made with your wedding suppliers, you should be able to claim on any deposits you may lose.

Do you cover non-UK nationals?

We offer cover to couples if at least one of them is a UK citizen or resident. If this is the case, we will cover the other partner if they are a non-UK national.

Why is the rearrangement cover level smaller than the cancellation?

All of our rearrangement indemnity levels are smaller than those for cancellation. This is because rearrangement is generally less expensive to the policy holder than cancellation is.

Do the different levels all cover everything?

All of our policies cover every aspect of our cover. The only difference are the indemnity levels. Please refer to the policy wording for the exact amounts.

Do you cover the honeymoon?

Our policies do not cover honeymoons. You will need to take out a separate travel insurance policy for your honeymoon.

Do you cover us if we miss our flights?

We cannot cover you against missing your plane to your wedding. This would have to be covered under a separate travel insurance policy.

Do you cover weddings abroad?

We can cover weddings all over the world. We only ask that at least one of the couple be a UK resident or citizen. Our optional extras of Marquee and Ceremonial Sword cover are only offered in the UK. We also cannot cover Public or Personal Liability in the US or Canada.

If my wedding is cancelled, can I claim the full amount?

If your wedding is cancelled according to the conditions laid out in the policy wording, you can claim up to the amount indicated in your cover’s indemnity level.

Does my policy cover marquees?

We offer marquee cover as an optional extra. This is due to the higher risks associated with marquees.

Do you cover military weddings?

Our policies are not specifically designed for military weddings. However, we do offer ceremonial sword cover as an additional extra, and cover military deployment as a reason for cancellation.

Do you cover military deployment?

Our policy wording specifically states that unexpected military deployment overseas is a permissible reason to claim for cancellation.

Do you cover cold feet?

Unfortunately, deciding not to get married is something we cannot cover. This would be a decision made by the couple, and as such is not part of our cover.

Do you cover weather ruining the wedding?

We cover against adverse weather. This protects you against weather conditions which prevent people from arriving at the venue.

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